New Year…New Undies

“From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.”

-Bertolt Brecht, A German poet

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays are over and a brand new year is upon us. Another year also means out with canstockphoto2596872the old and in with the new. If during your last laundry run you found yourself wondering who replaced your undies with swiss cheese; or thy bra cups runneth over; or perhaps you pushed your shapewear to its limits during your holiday indulgences; now is a great time to replace those tattered, stretched out and ill-fitting pieces. As we have discussed before a great supply of bras, panties and shape wear is the foundation to your daily personal style and image. So to start this new year off right, here are some tips:

  1. Get fitted for a bra – The right bra, in terms of both style and fit, should make you feel comfortable AND sexy; younger and more shapely. If your bra does any one of the following, consider get rid of it immediately:
    • The straps either fall off or dig into your shoulders
    • The band either pinches your rib cage or rides up in back
    • The cups gape or your breasts are oozing out of them
    • The underwire either digs into your rib cage or catches your arms when you swing them forward
    • Gives you a saggy appearance
  2. Buy underwear that suits your shape- Just as you buy clothes for your particular body shape, the same is done with your undies.
    • Inverted Triangle – Look for bras with full coverage cups. Bottoms that fit low on the hips are also perfect and will flatter the apple shape.
    • Pear, Spoon or Diamond – Look for bras that balance your body shape. Wear push-up or padded bras to add volume to your top half and make the upper half of your body look more in proportion. Underwear should have a fuller cut to help shape and lift your bottom.
    • Straight – If your cleavage is not what you would like it to be, you can emphasize it with a padded bra. Boy shorts are also great for this type of figure as they show off and accentuate a toned butt.
    • Hour Glass or Top Hour Glass – This figure can pretty much wear any type of bra or underwear. Have fun with corsets that accentuate your small waist and sexy hips.
    • Oval – Avoid padded bras and look for one that provides shape with appropriate lift. Create the appearance of a waist by adding a piece shapewear; preferably one with a thong that enhances your butt and provides overall balance.
  3. Ensure your shapewear is still shaping you – Shapewear is a wonderful thing. It can even be worn daily for a consistent, smooth appearance. However it does have a shelf life. If your body looks the same with your shapewear on as it does without, it is time to replace it.

So I have presented you with a challenge. Fortunately there are several lingerie sales going on to enable you to complete the mission. I have compiled a list of several below:

Pick your poison but hurry…sales ending soon!


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