Battle of the Bulge

“Thank you for calling the Weight Loss Hotline. If you’d like to lose a half pound right now, press 1 eighteen thousand times.”

-Randy Glasbergen, an American cartoonist

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. If you’re like me you indulged quite a bit on Thanksgiving day and are continuing to indulge in leftovers. While these indulgences are indicative of the holiday season, so are holiday tummy bulges. If you have the will power to withstand the treats wiles of the holiday season I applaud you. If not, we must prepare ourselves to make it through Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and every party in between. Here are some tips to camouflage your tummy this holiday season.

1. Don’t wear tight garments over your belly – Wearing tight garments over your belly can accentuate the very area you’re trying to hide. Keep it loose but not baggy.

2. Create vertical lines – Layering with long cardigans or jackets gives the illusion of a long and lean body. You can also achieve this by wearing vertical prints or long necklaces.

Cashmere Open Cardigan –

3. Wear dresses or tops with an empire waist line – Empire waist lines are perfect for holiday plump. They feature a fitted bodice that starts below the bust line and flows into a bottom that skims the body providing a beautiful silhouette. When worn as part of a dress it helps to elongate the body providing a taller/slimmer appearance.

Tahari Woman Sabine Jersey Top –, Marc New York Empire Waist Seamed Sheath Dress –, Theory Jethra Top –

4. Avoid clothing that adds bulk around the tummy area – Sweaters or tops with pockets, large cable knit or embellishment around the tummy can make you look larger. Wear embellishments, patterns or pieces that draw the eye away from the problem area and accentuate the positives like a full bust or great legs.

5. Wear shape wear – Shape wear is a girl’s best friend. Long gone are the days of wired girdles. Shape wear is now (relatively) comfortable enough for every day wear. Your friends and coworkers will marvel at your ability to retain your shape during the holiday season.

With these tips you can indulge (but not too much) and look great this season!


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